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VIP Training Cards

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For 65 years, Black Hills & Badlands Tourism Association has distributed VIP Cards to paid BH&B members. The cards may be used by tourism industry employees to visit local tourism businesses for free or at a reduced price. This program has grown to approximately 11,000 tourism industry employees using the card, annually.

Please understand that the purpose of the program is training. By distributing the cards, you are participating in the Visitor Industry Partner Training Program. We ask for your help and cooperation by observing the following guidelines.

  1. Employers should issue VIP identification cards to qualified partners only. Qualified partners include your tourism industry employees, managers, owners and full- or part-time seasonal volunteers.
  2. Employers should not issue cards to individuals who do not work for your business including family, friends, neighbors, customers, business associates or one-time volunteers.
  3. Please brief your employees on the purpose of the card, as well as the instructions attached to each card.
  4. To receive the benefits offered by participating businesses, both the employer and employee must sign the card. The card is only valid when signed and presented with the employee's personal identification card.
  5. Please post the 2019 VIP Card Benefits mini-poster on your company bulletin board, which is available to download and print on this page.
  6. If you dismiss an employee, please recover the employee's VIP Training Card.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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