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Explore the Area

Discover the cities located in unique Black Hills regions.

You might be surprised to see a few Wyoming communities on our list. That's because the Black Hills National Forest actually continues 10 to 40 miles west beyond the state line, into Wyoming. Several communities in Wyoming are included here to help you discover the western flanks of the Black Hills Region.

Click your pick for an overview of these cities and towns. You will see photos, thumbnail sketch of the towns' personality, population, elevation, visitor highlights and a list of accommodations, attractions and other businesses eager to serve you and your family.

Rapid City, South Dakota is a vibrant and charming city nestled in the heart of the Black Hills.

When you vacation in the northern Black Hills, you will be surrounded by an area synonymous with great stories of the gold rush and old west.

The highest U.S. mountain range east of the Rocky Mountains is located in the Southern Black Hills of South Dakota.

Visiting the Badlands area of South Dakota is like stepping into a moonscape on earth. Home to Badlands National Park, you’ll find the towns of Belvidere, Interior, Kadoka, Martin, Mellette County, Wall and White River.

The breathtaking beauty of the Black Hills National Forest extends beyond the South Dakota border into Wyoming. Immerse yourself in the local culture and natural landscapes of the region by exploring the charming towns of Hulett, Moorcroft, Newcastle, and Sundance.

The Lakota, an indigenous people who have called the Great Plains and Black Hills region home for centuries, are known for their deep connection to the land, vibrant culture, and history.

You don’t have to travel far in South Dakota to get back to the good ol’ days. The Northern Plains of Western South Dakota is comprised of more than a dozen ranch communities whose residents pride themselves on the true Old West. Things like cowboy heritage, and dinosaur fossils.

No question about it — it’s a long way across South Dakota! If you take Interstate 90, there’s 410 miles worth of South Dakota between Minnesota and Wyoming… 410 miles of vacation fun, if you know what’s coming your way.

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