Interior, South Dakota, might seem like a small dot on the map, but its heart beats in sync with the vast landscapes of the Black Hills. As the oldest town in the Badlands, dating back to the 1880s, Interior offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you're an avid adventurer, a history enthusiast, or someone looking to escape into nature, Interior's welcoming embrace has something special for you.


A Step Back in Time

Interior isn't just close to nature; it's part of the land's vibrant tapestry. This town boasts South Dakota’s premier agate beds, a treasure for rock hunters and geology enthusiasts. Imagine wandering through the same landscapes that have remained unchanged for centuries, where each stone tells a story.

Explore and Engage

Beyond the allure of agate beds, Interior serves as your gateway to the vast Badlands National Park. Wander through the rugged beauty on scenic drives or hit the trails and experience the Badlands’ dramatic landscapes first-hand. Cultural landmarks and high plains big game hunting provide a deeper understanding of the area's rich heritage, offering more than just a visit—it's an experience.

Celebrate with the Community

Interior's heartbeat is its community and the traditions that weave through the seasons. Join in local events and festivals that offer a glimpse into the area's culture and spirit. From the doorstep of the Badlands to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and beyond, every moment here is a chance to connect and create unforgettable memories.

Stay Awhile

Finding the perfect place to rest is easy in Interior, with accommodations ranging from cozy motels to campgrounds under the stars. Whatever your preference, you’ll find a comfortable and convenient spot to recharge after a day of exploration.