When planning a trip to the picturesque Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota, choosing the right route can make all the difference. With the ongoing work on Hwy 385, why not consider an alternative that offers even more charm and beauty? Enter Nemo Road – your gateway to an unforgettable scenic adventure. Let's explore how this route will transform your Black Hills experience!

Route Reimagined
Elk Creek

Scenic Stops and Views

Elk Creek: Enjoy picturesque views of Elk Creek as you cross several charming bridges. Pause here for a photo opportunity or a peaceful moment to appreciate the natural beauty.

Dalton Lake: Nestled among lush forests, Dalton Lake is perfect for a quick stop to breathe in the fresh mountain air and maybe even spot some local wildlife.

Nemo Guest Ranch

Cultural and Historical Sites

Nemo: Originally a mining town, Nemo offers a glimpse into the past with historic buildings and tales from the old days. Explore local stories and artifacts that celebrate the heritage of the region.

Roubaix Lake: This peaceful lake, previously a hub for mining, is now a perfect place for fishing, picnicking, and exploring the history of gold mining in the Black Hills.


Outdoor Activities, Experiences, and Dining

Hiking at Steamboat Rock: Take a hike up Steamboat Rock for panoramic views of the Black Hills. It's an invigorating experience that rewards you with spectacular scenery.

Fishing at Pactola Lake: Continue your adventure with a stop at Pactola Lake for some of the best fishing in the area. You can also enjoy activities like boating and swimming.

Nemo Guest Ranch: Stop for a meal or an overnight stay at the Nemo Guest Ranch. Their cozy cabins and delicious home-cooked meals are the perfect way to relax and refuel.

Elk Creek Resort

Local Accommodations

Nemo Mercantile: Grab a bite to eat or a refreshing drink at Nemo Mercantile. This quaint stop offers snacks, meals, and local charm that will make you feel right at home.

Elk Creek Resort: Enjoy comfortable accommodations with easy access to hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities. It’s a great basecamp for your Nemo Road adventure.


Wildlife Spotting Opportunities

Black Hills National Forest: As you travel along Nemo Road, keep an eye out for deer, elk, and other wildlife in the Black Hills National Forest. The best times for wildlife spotting are early morning and late afternoon.

Roubaix Lake Shoreline: The lakeshore is a favorite spot for spotting birds and other wildlife. It’s especially beautiful during the quieter hours of the day.

Vanocker Canyon

Choose Your Own Adventure: Route Options

Continuing North to South: As you travel south, Nemo Road will lead you back to Hwy 385. Along this route, you can enjoy additional stops like Pactola Reservoir and the historic town of Silver City before reconnecting with Hwy 385 southbound for further exploration.

Transitioning to Vanocker Canyon: For an equally mesmerizing alternative, transition from Nemo Road to Vanocker Canyon. This route offers dramatic landscapes, thrilling curves, and more opportunities for outdoor fun and scenic stops. It’s a journey that enhances your overall adventure in the Black Hills.

Ready, Set, Adventure: Whether you choose to continue on Nemo Road to Hwy 385 or divert to Vanocker Canyon, your journey through the Black Hills promises to be extraordinary. Embrace the unique experiences along Nemo Road and make the most of every moment in this beautiful region. Pack your sense of adventure, and set off on a scenic trip you'll treasure forever. Safe travels!


Returning to Hwy 385

Reuniting With Hwy 38: Continue along Nemo Road if you've had your fill of Vanocker Canyon's allure, and you'll eventually merge back onto Hwy 385. The convenience of this route ensures you don't miss any essential points of interest despite the ongoing road work.


Pro Tips for Your Journey

Pack Smart and Stay Cozy: Make sure to pack snacks, water, and a camera to capture the mesmerizing views. Dress in layers, as the weather in the Black Hills can be unpredictable. And don’t forget your sense of adventure – you may find unexpected gems along the way.

Stay Informed: Keep an eye on the latest updates regarding the Hwy 385 project to make your trip as smooth as possible. Check online resources to stay informed about any changes or important notices.

Embrace the Adventure

Choosing Nemo Road not only helps you navigate around construction but opens up a world of scenic wonders that might otherwise be missed. From geological marvels to tranquil lakes and historical stops, this route offers a satisfying alternative that will make your Black Hills journey truly memorable. So, whether you stick to Nemo Road or venture into Vanocker Canyon, let this guide be your compass to an extraordinary adventure. Happy travels!