Devils Tower Country: A Journey Through Northeastern Wyoming | Black Hills & Badlands - South Dakota

Devils Tower Country: A Journey Through Northeastern Wyoming

  • Top Things to Do in Devils Tower Country

Set off on an unforgettable adventure through Devils Tower Country, where you'll experience picturesque landscapes, rich history, and unique attractions in the heart of northeastern Wyoming's Black Hills. Retreat from the noise of the city and journey off the beaten track, where the region's treasure awaits, hosting various small towns, thousands of acres of public land, and perfect for explorers looking forward to traversing the great outdoors. From the awe-inspiring sceneries and exhilarating hikes to the country's inaugural national monument, the legendary Devils Tower, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Getting there - If you're coming from the South and driving North, choose to explore the town of Newcastle for a day or two at the Sundowner Inn. You'll enjoy their cozy accommodations and friendly staff. Start each day with a nice breakfast before your explorations begin.

Western Gateway to the Black Hills

A lesser-explored path leading to Devils Tower follows the Western edge of the Black Hills via Highway 85 to Sundance, continuing onward to "The Tower". Revel in vast open landscapes with minimal traffic along the way.

Whether you prefer to take the wheel yourself or opt for a guided tour with Black Hills Adventure Tours, this itinerary will guide you through the top things to do in Devils Tower Country, making it easy for you to pick and choose activities that suit your interests. Delve into quaint towns, immerse yourself in outdoor adventures, and witness breathtaking natural wonders in this remarkable region.

Morning Activities

Mornings are a great time to explore and get energized for the day. In Belle Fourche, South Dakota, you can choose activities that offer a unique blend of education and recreation. These morning activities are perfect for history buffs and nature lovers alike and are sure to leave you feeling invigorated.

  • Tri-State Museum (Belle Fourche, SD): Learn about the region's cowboy, settlers, railroad, rodeo, and military history.
  • Belle Fourche River Walk: Enjoy a scenic 5-mile stroll along the Belle Fourche River.

Afternoon Activities

Spend your afternoons indulging in a diverse range of activities. Enjoy camping, boating, outdoor sports, hiking, rock-climbing, prairie dog watching, and a glimpse into North America's Plains Indians' rich history, culture, and science.

  • Belle Fourche Reservoir: Enjoy camping, boating, and year-round exploring at this picturesque reservoir.
  • Rocky Point Recreation Area (Belle Fourche Reservoir): Engage in outdoor activities and exploration.
  • Devils Tower National Monument (Wyoming): Hike, rock climb, or join ranger programs at this striking geological formation.
  • Prairie Dog Town (near Devils Tower): Watch prairie dogs in their natural habitat.
  • Vore Buffalo Jump (Beulah, WY): Visit one of North America's most important archeological sites, showcasing Plains Indians history, science, and culture.

Evening Activities

In the evenings, indulge in exceptional dining with breathtaking views, or experience fine cuisine, artwork, and exhibits. Take in local entertainment and get a sense of the community with Hometown Thursdays in Belle Fourche.

  • 77 Steakhouse (Devils Tower Golf Course): Dine with exceptional views at this restaurant.
  • Hulett (Wyoming): Experience first-class dining, fine artwork, and visit the Hulett Museum.
  • Hometown Thursdays (Belle Fourche, SD): Experience local culture and entertainment in the downtown area.
  • Sip & Walk Tour at the Crook County Museum (Sundance, WY): Take part in a unique living history tour, featuring real people playing characters from the town's history.


Discover a range of accommodation options in Belle Fourche, SD, including eight motels and four campgrounds perfect for adventurers. Experience exceptional hospitality or relish in deluxe living in the Bearlodge Mountains. Find exciting amenities like mini-golf, hayrides, and a restaurant near Devils Tower.

  • Belle Fourche, SD: Choose from eight motels and four campgrounds.
  • JC Stage Stop Resort (Belle Fourche, SD): Stay at a getaway offering camping cabins, RV sites, Bunk and Ranch Houses, where horses, dogs, and motorcycles are welcome.
  • Devils Tower KOA (near Devils Tower): Find RV and tent sites, cabins, hayrides, mini-golf, a restaurant, and a convenience/gift store.
  • Bearlodge Mountain Resort (Sundance, WY): Enjoy a comfortable stay amid beautiful surroundings.

Shopping and Attractions

  • Visitor Center in Belle Fourche: Visit the rose quartz monument at the geographic center of the continental United States.
  • Black Hills Roundup (Belle Fourche, SD): Attend a week-long Independence Day celebration with parades, music, carnival, food, festivities, rodeo, and fireworks.
  • Aladdin General Store (Aladdin, WY): Stop at a charming store without indoor plumbing, featuring an outhouse out back.
  • Crook County Museum (Sundance, WY): A museum housed in a sandstone building that was once a schoolhouse.
  • Devils Tower Trading Post: Shop for souvenirs and snacks near Devils Tower National Monument.

This itinerary includes a variety of activities, historical sites, and natural wonders to ensure an unforgettable experience. Customize your journey to Devils Tower Country by selecting activities that best suit your interests, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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