The Mickelson Summer Trek is an annual three-day bicycle ride covering almost the entire trail of South Dakota's George S. Mickelson Trail. This event presents riders an opportunity to travel the same path of historic figures such as Wild Bill Hickok, General George A. Custer, Calamity Jane, and Potato Creek Johnny.
The Beautiful Black Hills
Riders can enjoy the beauty of the heart of the Black Hills, travel through the scenic valleys, old railroad tunnels, and historic mining towns. The event covers almost all of the Mickelson Trail, starting at the Edgemont trailhead and ending in Deadwood.
The registration fee includes daily trail passes, shuttle service, six snacks, two meals, and two meal vouchers for Hill City or Custer and Deadwood.
A helmet is mandatory, and all participants must obey traffic and pedestrian laws, as well as trail regulations. Riders must also follow the event policy, avoid disturbing wildlife, and be considerate towards pets and farm animals. All riders should carry enough water to avoid dehydration.
Event Schedule
The event takes place from Friday to Sunday in early September. Participants must check in at the trailhead in Edgemont on Friday morning and will return to the same location on Sunday evening. The ride covers approximately 190 miles with staggered start times for each day.
Participants need to find their lodging in the area and make reservations in advance. The Trailside Park Resort in Hill City and the Sheridan Lake KOA are two possible lodging options. Campsites and rental cars are also available.
What to Bring
Participants should bring comfortable and safe biking gear, padded shorts, gloves, and necessary toiletries. They should be prepared for changing weather conditions by wearing layered clothing and bringing rain gear. Riders are encouraged to carry a water container, drink plenty of fluids, and pack snacks.