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2,595 ft.

Faith, "Home of SUE, the Most Complete T-Rex Ever Discovered," is unique. A prairie oasis in the heart of South Dakota's northwest with thousands of miles of vast prairie. Dense grasses, colored sporadically with flowers of the earth and garnished with an array of wildlife. Faith is an opportunity to explore and discover the West. The "faith" that brought the homesteaders to the area in the early 1900s is as steadfast today as it was then. The "kin" of those pioneers carry on with the same spirit.

A T-Rex Named Sue
Original home town of T-Rex, "Sue."  The T-Rex roamed western South Dakota almost 67 million years ago. Standing more than 13 feet tall, measuring 42 feet long and weighing 750 pounds, Sue used her foot-long serrated teeth to catch food. The T-Rex crippled their prey by severing muscles and crushing bones with their scoop-shaped teeth and jaws that had 3,000 pounds of force. Even their largest foe was felled by the bleed-your-prey-to-death method and has earned a reputation today as a ferocious dinosaur of prehistoric times.

Sue is almost perfectly fossilized with most of the T-Rex's 250 bones. The dinosaur was discovered near Faith in August of 1990 by fossil hunter Sue Hendrickson and subsequently purchased by the Field Museum in Chicago where it is now on display.