in the welcoming arms of the Northern Black Hills, Lemmon, South Dakota, presents a unique blend of history, culture, recreation, and community spirit. With a quaint population of around 1,200 residents, Lemmon boasts a vibrant history and an array of activities that promise to enrich the journey of every traveler. Founded on the pioneering spirit of George Ed Lemmon in 1907, this town has seamlessly woven the fabric of its past with the dynamic zest of the present. Here’s why Lemmon should be your next travel destination.


A Hub of Cultural Richness

Celebrating History at Grand River Museum
Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of the West with a visit to the Grand River Museum. Be greeted by the innovative scrap metal Triceratops by John Lopez and delve into exhibits showcasing paleontology, Native American history, and the Old West.

Transcend Time at The Petrified Wood Park
Marvel at the world's largest collection of petrified wood formations at Lemmon’s Petrified Wood Park. The park unveils Earth's prehistoric marvels, encased within a museum built from petrified wood, lending a peek into the ancient natural world.


Adventure Awaits at Shadehill Reservoir
Just a stone's throw away, Shadehill Reservoir offers stunning views, excellent fishing, and a host of camping options. It’s a perfect escape to nature where serenity meets adventure.

Hit the Trails
From the scenic beauty of the Blacktail Trail perfect for biking, running, and hiking, to the mysterious allure of the Slim Buttes in Custer National Forest, Lemmon serves as a gateway to exploring the untamed wilderness of South Dakota.

John Lopez Sculpture

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Inspiration at Every Corner
Discover the magnetic allure of art in Lemmon by admiring the sculptures of John Lopez, an artist who breathes new life into discarded metal by crafting it into vivid representations of wildlife and historical figures.

A Canvas of Community
Explore the vibrant “Boss Cowman” Square on Main Ave, adorned with sculptures and murals that narrate Lemmon’s history, presenting a lasting testament to its founder and the spirit of the community.

Lemmon’s Lifestyle

Whether enjoying a movie at the Palace Theater, diving into local eateries, or participating in seasonal activities like ice skating, Lemmon offers a rich tapestry of experiences. The community's warmth is matched only by its enthusiasm for celebrating its heritage and embracing the beauty of its natural surroundings.