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Museum at Black Hills Institute

  • Museum at Black Hills Institute
    Museum at Black Hills Institute
  • Museum at Black Hills Institute
    Museum at Black Hills Institute
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117 Main Street
Hill City, SD 57745
Museum at Black Hills Institute
(605) 574-3919

South Dakota's Black Hills are a natural beauty, full of scenic wonders, and iconic man-made mountain carvings. Among the Black Hills' unique attractions is the Museum @ Black Hills Institute, which offers a glimpse into the wonders of the earth's past.

Discover the Wonders of the Past

Museum at Black Hills Institute

Traveling back in time, visitors to the Museum @ Black Hills Institute can explore the remains of legendary land, sky, and sea creatures that lived in the prehistoric age of dinosaurs.

Time Travel to the Age of Dinosaurs

The museum features an extensive collection of dinosaur displays, as well as marine fossils, minerals, meteorites, and region-specific paleontological exhibits.

Mineral Treasures and Regional Geology

In addition to the ancient fossils, visitors can also marvel at mineral treasures from all around the world, with a special section devoted to the regional area's geology.

Historical and Educational Exhibits

The museum features exhibits on the history of the explorers and miners who forged the area's present, as well as fossil hunters who shed light on the past, making it an educational and informative experience for visitors.

The Past Speaking to Us through Fossils

Museum at Black Hills Institute

The Black Hills Institute museum tells a captivating story of the earth's past through the language of geology and fossils, providing a unique and marvelous opportunity for visitors to learn about the specific history of the region.

Gift Shop and Museum Hours

Memorial Day to Labor Day:
Monday – Saturday
10 am - 6 pm

Labor Day to Memorial Day:
Monday – Friday
8:30 am -4:30 pm
* Saturday 10 am - 4 pm

CLOSED on Sunday


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Open Year-Round
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