BHNF Trail #88: Cook Lake | Black Hills & Badlands - South Dakota

BHNF Trail #88: Cook Lake

Trail Difficulty: 
Trail Length: 
1.5 mile loop
Trail Elevation Range: 
4,740 to 4,780 feet

Because Cook Lake Trail circles the lake there are many opportunities to see various types of ducks and geese along with osprey, blue heron, and bald eagles. In the water along the shore, very large fish called white amur are often seen. These hybrid fish are distant relatives of carp and were introduced into the lake about 15 years ago to help control aquatic vegetation.

Other wildlife commonly seen along the trail include white-tailed deer, elk, and turkey. Along Beaver Creek watch for blue heron, beaver, and water dippers. High above, turkey vultures are often seen riding the thermal drafts. Mountain lions, although rarely seen, also call this area home.

Trail can be considered Easy, with some stairs and a stepping-stone crossing of Beaver Creek.

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