BHNF Trail #50: Flume Trail | Black Hills & Badlands - South Dakota

BHNF Trail #50: Flume Trail

Trail Difficulty: 
Easy, Moderate
Trail Length: 
11 miles plus 3-mile loop
Trail Elevation Range: 
4,400 to 5,300 feet

The Flume Trail has been designated a National Recreation Trail because of its historical significance to the local people. The historic Flume Trail takes you back in time to the mining boom of the 1880s. The Rockerville Flume carried water 20 miles, from Spring Creek west of present day Sheridan Lake, east to the placer diggings near Rockerville.

The flume operated until 1885, and enabled miners to take over $20 million in gold. The trail follows the actual flume bed for much of its length. Along the way you"ll see historic artifacts and parts of the flume itself. Please treat these historic objects with respect, so that others who follow can enjoy this rich history of the Black Hills.

Please don"t remove artifacts from the flume or the trail.

Trail Mileage

  • Section 1 6.6 miles
  • Loop A 2.7 miles
  • Section 2 0.6 miles
  • Loop B 3.8 miles
  • Section 3 3.8 miles
  • Overlook 0.9 miles

Take U.S. Highway 385 to Sheridan Lake Campground. Follow signs to Flume Trail and the Calumet Trailhead near the southeast shore of Sheridan Lake.

The trail ends near Rockerville at the Coon Hollow Trailhead on County Road 233.

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