Black Hills Winter Funk Busting Itinerary | Black Hills & Badlands - South Dakota

Black Hills Winter Funk Busting Itinerary

  • Black Hills Winter Funk Busting Itinerary
3 days

Snow, its cherished here in the Black Hills. We call it white gold, champagne powder…the good stuff. We find ways to enjoy our winter wonderland because we typically get a lot of snow and far, fffaaaaarrrrr less cold then our neighbors (which is scientifically supported by historical data, not just our opinion).

Which of course means there’s no chance for cabin fever here in the Black Hills as a perfectly groomed trail, a good base, a day on the slopes, some oddly unique winter event or an evening hockey game help keep all that funk away. So if you have the cabin fever and are suffering in a bad way, we suggest a Black Hills three-day getaway!

This is just three days and only a few of the things unique to the winter season in the Black Hills. Unlike much of the frozen plains that surround it, the Black Hills mild weather encourages people to get out and take in all the amazing events and outdoor activities offered here. Its a winter wonderland that can do wonders for even the worse cases of cabin fever or seasonal depression. 


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