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Woodrow Wilson

  • Woodrow Wilson
James Michael Maher

Woodrow Wilson played a huge role in determining if and when America would get involved in World War I. One of the first events of Wilson's presidency was the passage of the Underwood Tariff. This reduced tariff rates from 41 to 27%. It also created the first federal income tax after the passage of the 16th Amendment.

Wilson's image is on the $100,000 bill although it is no longer in circulation. During Woodrow Wilson's presidency women received the right to vote with the passing of the 19th Amendment, the Federal Reserve System was established, income tax was initiated with the birth of the Internal Revenue System, World War I broke out in Europe between 1914 and 1918, sheep grazed on the White House lawn to help the Red Cross raise wool for the war effort and the national observance of Mother's Day was established.


Presidential Years: 1913-1921

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