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Theodore Roosevelt

  • Theodore Roosevelt
John Lopez

In 1884 he moved to the Dakota Territory and worked as a cattle rancher. These areas had not yet attained statehood when Roosevelt lived there from 1884-1887. Roosevelt owned the Elkhorn Ranch located near the town of Medora and on the banks of the Little Missouri River. Roosevelt quit the cattle ranching business after a cold spell in 1886 killed most of the cattle and made Medora a ghost town. From 1889-1895, Roosevelt was a U.S. Civil Service Commissioner. He was president of the New York City Police Board from 1895-97 and then Assistant Secretary of the Navy (1897-98). Roosevelt was a fiery individualist who embodied American culture of the early 1900's. His conservationism and willingness to take on big business are examples of why he is considered to be one of the better presidents. His progressive policies set the stage for important reforms of the 20th century.

Presidential Years: 1901-1909

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