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George Washington

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Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby

Despite being a member of the Federalist Party, Washington was immensely popular as a war hero and was an obvious choice as the first president for both federalists and anti-federalists. He was unanimously elected by the 69 electors. Washington was the only president inaugurated in 2 cities - New York and Philadelphia. Washington did his own bookkeeping and recorded every penny of expense or profit. His ledgers still exist today. Declared a federal holiday by the government in 1885, George Washington's Birthday has culturally morphed into Presidents' Day. In 1968, the Monday Holiday Law was enacted by the United State Congress to provide for uniform annual observances of public holidays. George Washington's Birthday is slated to be recognized on the third Monday in February. Soon after the law was enacted in 1971, President Nixon referred to the holiday as Presidents' Day in a speech. Ever since, popular culture has perpetuated the myth that the holiday was designated also to honor Abraham Lincoln or presidential officeholders in general. Officially, however, the holiday has never changed.

Presidential Years: 1789-1797

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