One Day Native American Cultural Trip | Black Hills & Badlands - South Dakota

One Day Native American Cultural Trip

  • One Day Native American Cultural Trip

Perhaps more than any other group, the great Lakota Sioux Nation – with their striking tipis, fast horses and richly feathered and beaded clothing – have become the international symbol of America’s native people. And the Black Hills has an abundance of Native culture if you know where to look.

Powwows, also known as ‘wacipi’ or ‘people’s dance’, are a good way to experience Lakota people and culture. Nearly every reservation holds one during the summer months, however not all are open to the public so be sure to check before attending. If you happen to be in Rapid City October 7-9, 2016, be sure to check out the Black Hills Powwow, a national powwow championship and fine arts expo.

If you just want to plan a cultural trip through the Black Hills, feel free to pick and choose from those listed below, but if you want to jam pack as much as possible into a single day, follow it closely. This isn’t for the faint of heart, nor those looking to dawdle along the way. As always, be sure to check hours as they may have changed since writing this article.


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