Experience Spearfish Canyon | Black Hills & Badlands - South Dakota
  • Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway

    Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway

    Thousand-foot-high limestone palisades in shades of brown, pink and gray tower to the right and left of Highway 14A as it twists through the 19-mile gorge.

  • Roughlock Falls State Nature Area

    Roughlock Falls Nature Area

    Scenic wonder that truly is a Black Hills gem

  • Bridal Veil Falls | Spearfish Canyon

    Bridal Veil Falls in Spearfish Canyon

    The name of this 60 ft waterfall in Spearfish Canyon can be seen in the shape of the water as it falls over the edge and thinly veils the limestone and other rock layers like Victorian lace.

Experience Spearfish Canyon

What is it about Spearfish Canyon that awed and stunned the great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright so to proclaim it, “the most miraculous canyon in the West…unique and unparalleled elsewhere in our country”? Perhaps it was the several cascading waterfalls or the sparkling clarity of the water. Or, instead, it may have been the many raccoons, mountain goats, porcupines, eagles, and numerous other varieties of captivating wildlife. Maybe, rather, it was the fall colors of the Ponderosa Pine, aspen, spruce, oak, and birch trees that paint the canyon with a vivid palette.

We can't be certain what exactly about Spearfish Canyon's picturesque beauty made Wright so reverential, but that's something you can decide for yourself when you visit this spectacular, hidden gem. Whether you take the 22-mile Scenic Byway, explore the area's many hiking trails, relax with some fly fishing, or stop to admire Bridal Veil Falls, we know you'll find your own reasons for being awed by this natural refuge.

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