Zymurcracy Beer Company | Black Hills & Badlands - South Dakota

Zymurcracy Beer Company

  • Zymurcracy Beer Company
    Zymurcracy Beer Company
  • Zymurcracy Beer Company
    Zymurcracy Beer Company
  • Zymurcracy Beer Company
    Zymurcracy Beer Company
4624 Creek Drive
Ste #6
Rapid City, SD 57701
(605) 791-0411

We are a veteran-owned beer company located in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. Our passion for craft beer and our community is the foundation for our mission, “to connect people through craft beer”. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of discovery and appreciation for craft beer and the art of brewing. Beer styles are incredibly diverse and ever-evolving. We want our customers to find their own passion for craft beer, whether it be a light lager, a Belgian-Style Wit, or a Russian Imperial Stout. Our vision is to produce high-quality beer, provide customer-centered service, promote craft beer, and support our local community.

You may be asking, “What does Zymurcracy mean?” Our name represents our passion for the art and science of fermentation and our community. Zymurgy is the branch of applied chemistry concerned with fermentation processes in brewing.
noun | zy · mur · cra · cy | \ˈZĪˌmər-krə-sē\
: a community of individuals dedicated to the principles and art of fermentation science
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Our passion for the art and science of brewing is reflected in each beer we craft. All our beers go through a rigorous research and evaluation process before release. We select just the right malt, hops, yeast strain and water profile for your enjoyment. We bank and propagate our own yeast because we believe, just like marrying the right malt and hops is important, so is the selection of each yeast strain and fermentation flavor profile. Scientific principles guide our brewing process from the mash through sparging, to the pH of the water and fermentation methodology. Our beers allow you to explore the wide range of flavors found in craft beer, such as chocolate, citrus, piney, caramel, roasted coffee, fruity esters….the list is endless. We want our beer to promote your passion for a variety of beer styles and flavors. Come find your passion for craft beer with us!
MON-WED: Closed
FRI - SAT: 12 PM-11 PM
SUN: 12 PM-7 PM
Free WiFi
Games / Game Room
Live Music
On-site Dining
Pet Friendly
Picnic Tables

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