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Deadwood Escape Rooms

  • Deadwood Escape Rooms
    Deadwood Escape Rooms
Find Us: 
At The Hotel By Gold Dust
25 Lee Street
Deadwood, SD 57732
(605) 559-1400

Located on the lower level of The Hotel By Gold Dust, discover an interactive, real-life puzzle adventure.

Challenge yourself!
Using elements & clues in the room, see if you can solve a series of puzzles & “escape” within a 1-hour time frame.


The Vigilante Maze

Deadwood Escape Rooms

Empire City is under threat. The notorious Doctor Plague, has been terrorizing its citizens with one twisted crime after the next. Only one man has stood between Doctor Plague and his quest for power: the heroic Masked Vigilante.

Unfortunately, Plague has now captured the Vigilante and is holding him prisoner at the center of a torturous maze. As long-time fans and admirers of the vigilante, you have broken into the maze and made your way to its center, only to discover Doctor Plague’s ultimate evil plan: in this room is hidden an explosive device that is set to level the city in one hour. You have 60 minutes to solve Plague’s puzzles, discover how to defuse the bomb, and locate the exit key to free the Masked Vigilante.

Wild West Heist

Deadwood Escape Rooms

Al  Swearengen was a greedy, violent and manipulative man.  He was also very paranoid.  In 1877 he opened the Gem Variety Theater.  The venue had shows, a bar, gaming tables as well as a brothel.  The variety of entertainment was very lucrative for Swearengen.  Averaging $5,000 a night in the late 1800’s made it very profitable.

As paranoid as Al was he didn’t like keeping his earnings in the bank.  You and your posse have found yourself in a bit of trouble at the gaming tables. You now have one hour to find Al’s stash of cash or gold.  If he finds you after an hour - the consequences will be dire.  

Book your adventure, choose the room, the time and list your teammates - all on the website.


Open Daily!
First Escape booked at 11 AM
Last Escape booked at 7 PM

On-site Lodging
Open Year-Round

Located next to The Hotel By Gold Dust - Just off Historic Main Street