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Wet & Wild Fun at Evans Plunge Mineral Springs

  • Wet & Wild Fun at Evans Plunge Mineral Springs
    Wet & Wild Fun at Evans Plunge Mineral Springs
Tuesday, December 8, 2020
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Evans Plunge Mineral Springs

For thousands of years, the valley of healing waters, called "wiwila kata" by the Lakota (meaning warm springs), was held sacred and prized for the warm spring-fed Fall River. Both the Lakota and Cheyenne utilized the natural river of warm water springs that flows through present-day Hot Springs, South Dakota.

Today as in years past, part of those waters feed into Evans Plunge Mineral Springs. Here visitors can swim, splash and soak in the prized mineral water of this remarkable area.

What makes this destination unique?

Evans Plunge Mineral Springs is a natural, warm-water, spring-fed pool located in Hot Springs, South Dakota that has been in operation since 1890. The first structures over the mineral springs were built by Fred Evans, from whom the destination gets its name.

The warm mineral springs were thought to be therapeutic and quickly made the community of Hot Springs a must-visit tourist destination. Today, the area still draws in visitors and the springs continue to flow at a rate of 5,000 gallons per minute refreshing the entire pool every ninety minutes.

The inside pool is 200 feet long, and holds 500,000 gallons of water at a time, with plenty of room for everyone to splash, swim and soak. 13 mineral springs feed into the pool, with an incredible 7.2 million gallons of natural, 87-degree (31 degrees Celsius) water running through each day. Our seasonal outside pool is also fed by the warm waters.

In the Southern Hills

Found only in the Southern Black Hills is a reservoir of geothermal energy in which permeable rock containing water lies above a heat source. The heated water rises to a cap of impermeable rock, where fissures allow some of the warm water to flow to the surface as thermal springs. Hot Springs is the Southern Gateway of the Black Hills. The majestic beauty of the hills combined with the abundant attractions and thriving small town atmosphere makes Evans Plunge the perfect destination for a family vacation stop.

What can we do here?

Our 500,000-gallon indoor pool measures 200 x 50 feet and has two kids’ pools, a kid’s Frog Slide, Jet Slide and Whale Slide. There are areas for water sports, like volleyball, basketball, and lap swimming. For those who like to swing like Tarzan or Spiderman there are the “rings” that in succession cross from one side of the pool to the other, a challenge not to be taken lightly. Our seasonal outdoor pool has a “Tower Slide” and a chairlift for ADA accessibility. Our Health Club which is adjacent to the indoor pool is closed due to COVID recommendations. Upstairs health and wellness opportunities continue with cardio, spinning and weight rooms as well as access to a golf net during the winter season.

Safety and excellent customer service are of the utmost importance. Rest assured we provide a safe and clean facility so you can concentrate on having fun. The huge indoor allows for lap swimming, water exercise classes, slides, kiddie pools, volleyball, basketball, Tarzan Rings and a seasonal outdoor pool with a slide as well. Visit our weight and cardio rooms, spinning and maybe a Zumba Gold class. Locker rooms are provided with warm mineral spring showers. Grab a snack while you take a break from the fun or do a bit of shopping to remember your experience at Evans Plunge Mineral Springs.

How much time should I budget?

Some folks come for a couple of hours and many families make a day out of it. During this time of COVID we are closing mid-day for sanitizing all touchable surfaces. You are invited to return after our sanitization closure (on your original admission fee) to enjoy the remainder of the day.

Is this attraction for all ages?

Yes! Evans Plunge Mineral Springs welcomes all ages, infants through seniors. One of our regular attending members is 90!

What is your accessibility?

We have handicapped accessible entry doors to the inside and a ramp leading into the big pool that is suitable for walking, utilizing a walker or wheelchair to assist entry into the big pool of mineral water. We also have a stair chair to assist patrons in reaching our cardio and weight rooms on second floor. Our outdoor pool has a chair lift for accessing that pool.

Evans Plunge Mineral Springs is the oldest tourist attraction in the Black Hills. It has always been the key feature of Hot Springs as a health destination. We are proud to continue to be a health and wellness destination in addition to a place of fun for the entire family!

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