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Terrific Tubing in the Heart of Keystone

  • Terrific Tubing in the Heart of Keystone
    Terrific Tubing in the Heart of Keystone
Thursday, June 11, 2020
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Summer has been a busy one here in the Black Hills of South Dakota. As we near the end of August and thoughts of back to school creep up, be sure to uncover some familiar yet unusual fun in Keystone.

My grandkids and I discovered that the new Summer Tubing Hill at Rushmore Tramway Adventures offers a familiar thrill of tubing down a snow-covered hillside during winter – without the snow or the cold, or the snowsuit! It’s unusual because you can enjoy this thrill, here, all spring, summer and into the fall, in warm, sunny weather.

We started by purchasing our tickets and headed to the hill. I can guarantee you will want to tube more than once or twice. You can’t miss the four, bright-orange slides just to the left of the entrance to the adventure park. Side note – the orange on the slides is made from recycled construction cones!

Grabbing tubes from the attendant at the bottom of the hill, the three of us walked to the magic carpet (another great thing – no need to climb a mountain). As we rode the moving sidewalk that took us, and our tubes, to the top of the hill, we got a great view of the town of Keystone. Looking up, we saw a couple of people flying over us on the zipline (another fun experience here).

At the top, we all stepped off the magic carpet. Then, we carried our tubes to one of the four platforms at the top of the slides. Here, a staff member waxed the bottom of our tubes. I learned that this helps it slide better, reducing friction and keeping the tube cool. Each of us took our seat in the tube as we were directed (facing forward or backward – your choice).

Then we were off sliding down the hill! As my cares flew away in the breeze, I had no choice but to enjoy the moment. This activity is an absolute blast! Both my 10-year-old grandson and my (almost) 5-year-old granddaughter had as much fun (or more) than I did. Tubing together created a wonderful memory for all of us. So much so that they are already asking “when can we go tubing again, Nana?” I’m sure we will fit in another day of summer tubing before old man winter brings the old-fashioned way of tubing around.

Discover this adventure and many more at RushmoreTramwayAdventures.com.

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