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Take a Captivating Virtual Tour of Mount Rushmore National Memorial

  • Take a Captivating Virtual Tour of Mount Rushmore National Memorial
Friday, May 1, 2020
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Gazing over the Black Hills, America's shrine of democracy represents hope, determination and the spirit of a nation. Sculpted by over 400 workers from 1927 to 1941 and scaled to men that would stand 465 feet tall, Mount Rushmore National Memorial is an impressive work of art to experience. 

The monument is visited by nearly 3 million people annually, and now you can experience the remarkable mountain carving virtually! Explore the Presidential Trail, look inside the studio where sculptor Gutzon Borglum worked from, view the monument from new angles and take in the impressive beauty of Mount Rushmore National Memorial all from home. 

Begin your virtual tour with these highlights, including the Avenue of Flags, Grand View Terrace, Borglum Viewing Deck, Sculptor's Studio and Presidential Trail. Just click "explore" and start your virtual adventure. 

Mount Rushmore National Memorial



Avenue of Flags



Grand View Terrace



Borglum View Terrace


Get a glimpse of some of the natural resources found in the park at this viewing spot, including the leftover granite of the carving. The Borglum View Terrace provides excellent views of the sculpture and was the sculptor Gutzon Borglum's favorite angle to see the monument. 


The Sculptor's Studio


Nearby the Borglum View Terrace is the newly renovated Sculptor's Studio. This structure was built in 1939 as a second on-site studio for Borglum, where he worked from 1939 to 1941. Don't miss the 1/12 scale model of the full carving still in the studio today.


The Presidential Trail


This concrete and plank walkway takes you up-close and personal with the mountain sculpture and through the woods that surround it. Explore it to see unique views of each president—without traversing the trail's 422 stairs. 

No matter the adventure, be sure to take a moment to admire the surrounding wildlife and the sweeping beauty of the Black Hills National Forest. With other notable stops such as Custer State Park, Black Elk Peak and Wind Cave National Park nearby, your Black Hills adventure continues after Mount Rushmore!

To discover more parks and monuments in the Black Hills and Badlands, visit the Parks & Monuments page.

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