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GeoFunTrek Tours | 2020 Safety Measures

  • GeoFunTrek Tours | 2020 Safety Measures
Friday, December 4, 2020
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GeoFunTrek Tours

"We are the local experts!" GeoFunTrek Tours specializes in private tours, traditional tours and custom tours. GeoFunTrek Tours brings the region to life in ways that are fun and memorable. We operate year-round and will design and deliver the tour of your dreams!

Keeping Everyone Safe

Our first action is to constantly safeguard our own health. We wear masks when around others and minimize our exposure to potential sources of the virus. The need for this should be self-evident. As owner/operators, John and Cindy are a married couple and the only ones who give tours and work in the vehicles. This enables us to maintain our vehicles and keep them clean and safe with minimal exposure to sources of contamination. All tours are private tours, so we do not mix groups of guests which minimizes exposure to others.

We have equipped our vehicles with clear plexiglass shields to separate the driver/guide and passengers, encourage frequent use of hand sanitizers, monitor our temperatures and watch for symptoms while using commonsense at all times. Our vehicles are thoroughly cleaned after each tour. We practice social distancing and encourage our guests to wear masks as well as ourselves.

Social Distancing and More

Some Black Hills locations are closed or operate at limited capacity and we respect those limitations. Our guiding principle is good old common sense, if it is not safe we do not do it. The guests have the final say on what we do, or do not attempt as far as their own comfort allows. 

Simply said, all tours are private tours. Your group will not be mixed in a vehicle with others. As a private tour you get to choose basically where we go and how long we stay at each destination. Fortunately, our tours visit several Parks that are basically wide-open spaces. Although there will be other visitors in the Park we are able to spread out and enjoy all of the outdoor areas the Park has to offer. This is an added bonus of visiting both Custer State Park and Badlands National Park.

We cannot make the others go away, but we do not have to be near them. We often use walking paths and can arrange for a picnic-style meal away from restaurants. Our tours visit Parks that lend themselves to relatively easy social distancing as they are basically large expanses of open land and forests. Visitors are allowed to spread out throughout the Park over thousands of acres of land. We have found that wearing masks when in groups of people sends a message to others that we want our space and distance respected.

Enjoying Your Black Hills Vacation in 2020

You can have a great vacation experience by being pro-active and letting us know what else we can do to make your trip as comfortable and safe as possible. The value of a private tour is that you have control and your wishes will be respected.

Looking to the Future

We look forward to helping our guests enjoy a wonderful vacation in the Black Hills area knowing that we will be a big part of showing them the local beauty in a comfortable and relatively safe environment. We hope to help relieve some of their stress and enjoy outdoor time with their families. We learn from our guests. The 2020 season is one that gives us the opportunity to work with our guests to meet their needs and be better prepared for that next tour. Thanks in advance for anything that YOU do to help make US a better provider of quality tours.

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