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Exciting Ways to Make Colossal Memories with the Grands at Rush Mountain Adventure Park

  • Exciting Ways to Make Colossal Memories with the Grands at Rush Mountain Adventure Park
    Exciting Ways to Make Colossal Memories with the Grands at Rush Mountain Adventure Park
Tuesday, March 17, 2020
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What to do with two grandchildren in the Black Hills? I don’t get to see them, let alone have them stay with me very often, so our time together is special, memory-making time.

These two are very active, outdoorsy children. They live on a ranch, and both have chores to do daily. While they both enjoy reading books, watching TV and playing computer games (of course), they crave excitement and adventure. I took them to Rush Mountain Adventure Park!

The best way to experience Rush Mountain is to do it all. And the best way to do that is to purchase a wristband for a fun all-day experience. That way, you get to stay as long as you want, ride the rides as much as you want and explore Rushmore Cave, too.

After getting our wristbands on, we had some decisions to make. Important ones too – Which ride do we want to ride first? One of the best things about this place is that we could all enjoy the rides: me, a 60-year-old grandma, my 10-year-old grandson, and his fear-nothing 5-year-old sister. We opted to start at the bottom and climb aboard the Rush Mountain Coaster. Tyrel was tall enough (and brave enough) to ride by himself in a cart, while Rozyn settled in just in front of me in our cart. Soon we were being pulled up to the top of the mountain, then we were off - Twisting and flying over the hills, and through the pigtail turns, my little girl kept wanting to go faster! As we rolled into the station, it was an immediate “let’s do it again” from both.

After another thrilling ride, I encouraged them to take a walk to the top of the mountain where we would explore Rushmore Cave that is underneath the mountain. This slowed them down a bit and gave me a chance to catch my breath. The coolness of the cave was a welcome respite from the warm summer day. Neither of the children had been in a cave before. They were intrigued to learn about the stalactites that cling tightly to the top of the cave and the stalagmites the hug mightily to the floor. Good lighting, secure footing and an entertaining guide with interesting stories we all enjoyed made this a fun adventure.

After all this, we had worked up quite an appetite, so off to Sparky’s Snackitorium, we went. Relaxing on the patio, a few slices of pizza and cookies later, it was decided we need to test our aim at the Gunslinger Interactive 7-D Ride. Donning our 3-D glasses, we scrambled into our seats and buckled up. The lights go down and our laser guns are drawn. We are soon shooting at numerous robot cowboys and targets in the Los Banditos film as we’re being shifted side-to-side, up and down, the wind blowing at us and generally just having a blast! Tyrel was pleased to learn he came in third in the number of shots that hit their mark. Like I said, he lives on a ranch.

Next was the thrill of flying down the mountainside on the Soaring Eagle Zipline. Down the cable, we flew, safely buckled into the chair, stopping at the end. We marveled at the view as we were pulled back up to the starting point. It was exhilarating and sitting together side-by-side made it extra fun!

It was snack-time again – back to Sparky’s for ice cream treats. I needed a rest, so we tried our hand at gemstone mining in the sluice box. What fun to watch these two get excited over the discovery of finding a fossil, gemstone and arrowhead! I counted it as a learning experience too as they matched their discoveries to pictures and learned about what they found.

Both wanted to go back to Gunslinger and try to improve their score at a different film. Robot Riot this time, and yes, Tyrel still did the best of the three of us. We then wandered down the mountain and back to yet another ride on the Mountain Coaster. This was my favorite ride. I love that you control the speed. Go fast and get a huge adrenaline rush or cruise along enjoying the beautiful scenery. Although I must say, Rozyn has little patience for anything slow, so the sight-seeing was a bit of a blur.

Our last adventure was the Wingwalker Challenge Course.  None of us fear heights (not even 5-year-old Rozyn), so we were really looking forward to this. I think both kids are part monkey anyway… I was the first to give Wingwalker a try while Tyrel kept an eye on his sister and they both watched Grandma climb, encouraging me to “go higher!” I appreciated the challenge and the joy of flying on a zipline and was so proud of myself for reaching new heights. After a bit, I was un-harnessed as I knew the kids were anxious to give it a try. The excitement was obvious as they got harnessed-up and went through their pre-flight check. Tyrel took off immediately with no hesitation, going over and through any obstacle. I remember wishing that I could move that confidently. Rozyn would go through the Sky Tykes course for youngsters. She was just a little less enthusiastic than her brother, simply because she wasn’t sure what she could do and where. Once she figured it out – there was no stopping her! She particularly loved the zipline. Around and around she went. Up, down, through, over, zipping and climbing. I had great fun watching these two as they continued testing their balance and agility for another (at least) 30 minutes.

Walking back to the car we talked about the experiences of the day and what our favorite adventure was. It’s a day we relive often. I’m sure we’ll return to make more special memories at Rush Mountain Adventure Park, soon.

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