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A Black Hills & Badlands experience: Artisan shopping

  • A Black Hills & Badlands experience: Artisan shopping
    A Black Hills & Badlands experience: Artisan shopping
Friday, June 16, 2023
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Black Hills and Badlands Tourism

There is an enchantment of small-town main streets that captivates us. Perhaps the magic is in the buildings themselves; the often older, well-loved structures are the rustic backdrop to family photographs, stories, and more. Yet they would not be the same without the people who care for them, so perhaps the magic resides in the people and values which bring them to life.

With a guaranteed-singular experience, the Black Hills & Badlands region attracts millions of visitors every year. It is home to a lifestyle chiseled by culture and perpetuated by an affable community that brings travelers back time and time again.

For South Dakota, the befitting nickname of ‘Artisan State’ has continued to ring true – a stroll in any one of our distinguished downtowns makes for a memorable, niche experience – one that is comprised of savory eateries, lush boutiques, and capacious hospitality. From one street corner to the next, you’ll find yourself immersed in art galleries, sparkling jewelry showrooms, hand-sculpted pottery studios, and countless other cultural celebrations with a dedication to quality.

What awaits…

In Spearfish, you may wander into the Termesphere Gallery & Museum where you’ll find internationally-acclaimed-artist, Dick Termes,’ painted spheres which have been a starter of artistic conversation for over 40 years; or you may find that the magical air in The Giving Goat Crystal Shop has piqued your interest and you are drawn to the mystical vibes.

In Custer…

If you abide by ‘high-quality’ and ‘only-when-necessary’ spending rules while you’re vacationing, you might consider a trip to the South Dakota Outdoor Shop in Custer. Feel the adventurous spirit even before you walk in – you’ll know that you’ve arrived when you see rental bike racks, picnic tables for an onsite brew, and a variety of adventurers wandering in and out of the shop with their finds.

In Deadwood…

The Dakota Sky Stone shop is a staple in any turquoise jewelry hunter’s regimen. From statement to subtle, you're guaranteed a high-quality, authentic Native American piece.

Just as exceptional jewelry is a cornerstone of the Deadwood shopping experience, so too is the local Harley Davidson. In preparation for rally season, it’s not a bad idea to start checking out the accessories and apparel you’ll need soon!

In Hill City…

If you’re perusing the main street of Hill City, you’ll notice it’s not only a hub for historic sites and train rides, but also a compendium of unique boutiques. Don’t let the name fool you, if you’re looking for a surprising amount of quality gifts, carvings, books, and more, the Black Hills Institute’s ‘Everything Prehistoric’ gift shop is one of the best modern shopping experiences you can enjoy!

While you’re there, if you need an extra ‘hand’-bag to carry your new treasures, you might take a gander through The Handbag Store- a top-notch quality establishment with fair prices and fabulous finds. They offer a curated selection of everything-handbags and accessories which attracts both visitors and locals alike.

In Rapid City…

Rapid City is home to several unique shops and things to do, but if you find yourself in need of the classic department shopping experience, it’s time to visit the Uptown Rapid Mall. The indoor facility was previously known as the Rushmore Mall and has served the surrounding areas of western South Dakota, northwestern Nebraska, and northeastern Wyoming for years.

Another Rapid classic is the Prairie Edge – Sioux Trading Post. The shop promises an immersive cultural experience featuring prominent Native American artwork. They guarantee excellence in both traditional and contemporary art forms. If you are searching for gifts or a memento of your time here, this is the spot to visit!

In the Devil’s Tower region…

On your way through Wyoming (perhaps on one of our established scenic drive routes from Belle Fourche) you might be searching for the perfect souvenir... You can’t miss the Devil’s Tower monument but be sure to stop inside of the Devils Tower Trading Post & Ice Cream Parlor beneath it - you might discover that it’s the perfect time and place for a cool refreshment. The Trading Post is not only a plentiful gift shop, but also a smart lunch and dinner spot for road trippers and climbers alike.

While the popular attractions themselves are visited time and time again, a key part of experiencing the Black Hills & Badlands area is exploring the artisan locality which brings it to life. Visitors so are taken with the SoDak lifestyle- a quaint, wholesome way of life- that they return every season to enjoy it. So, come on in and prepare for a wonderfully rich experience, we are happy to have you!