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Bavarian Inn | 2020 Safety Measures

  • Bavarian Inn | 2020 Safety Measures
    Bavarian Inn | 2020 Safety Measures
Wednesday, August 25, 2021
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With a unique blend of European influences, the Bavarian Inn offers a serene contrast to the Wild West. The 5-acre property has 64 rooms, fast and free Wi-Fi, indoor and outdoor heated pools, hot tub, tennis court, and European Fitness Trail. Only minutes, not miles, from the best climbs, trails, monuments and family fun in the Black Hills.

Keeping Everyone Safe

You can still enjoy our beautiful, quiet inn by embracing the outdoors and keeping doors & windows open as much as possible. We are keeping our staff and visitors safe by requiring our Housekeeping & Laundry Team Members to change uniforms at work. At the end of the day, the uniforms will be properly laundered, hung up & ready for the next shift. Our housekeeping uniforms have changed to a cheerful medical scrub.

It's our commitment for the rooms to be in perfect working order, completely sanitized and fully stocked prior to our guests arrival. Once the guest enters the room, our team members will not be permitted back in. This eliminates daily housekeeping service for stay over guests. An additional associate will be assigned to walk the property and sanitize outdoor games, furniture and monitor swimming pool occupancy during hours of operation. 

Social Distancing and More

We are adapting to the current times and making changes in our overall operations to allow each other additional space. We are positive these will be lasting changes that our guests will appreciate as an acceptable alternative to what was. Possibly even a better way. The added benefits as an owner will be the cost savings associated with being more efficient. The front desk hours have been reduced as we move to online check in, payment & self check out. We are no longer printing receipts.

To provide opportunities for our guests to follow social distancing precautions, we no longer offer food or coffee or cookies in the lobby. Many tables have been pulled, the space is set up for 10 people and really just an attractive pass through. Now our guests will receive a breakfast/snack basket in their rooms upon arrival, including fresh baked cookies and milk.

Getting Outside and Avoiding Crowds

We encourage you to get outside and take a morning breakfast picnic in the Black Hills Forest to socially distance. We also have numerous outdoor spaces set up throughout our 5 acre property where small groups can gather. The Feel Good Café will introduce the perfect picnic this year encouraging guests and the public to get outside.

Enjoying Your Black Hills Vacation in 2020

Our small business is also our home and a place our loved ones interact too. To ensure you enjoy your stay and your Black Hills vacation, we are taking special precautions in the calmest way to to make sure we all enjoy today.

As the 2020 season progresses, we are looking forward to dialing in all our new systems and processes to set us up for a very efficient and prosperous 2021 & beyond. Our expectations for the 2020 season are just to be safe, adapt for the new times and find a way to enjoy everyday. Meanwhile, we are hopeful that you will enjoy our property and our easy systems to order great food/beverages.


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