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America's First National Monument, Outdoor Adventure and More in Devils Tower Country

  • America's First National Monument, Outdoor Adventure and More in Devils Tower Country
    America's First National Monument, Outdoor Adventure and More in Devils Tower Country
Wednesday, December 30, 2020
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Devils Tower Country

Just a short drive from the Black Hills of South Dakota and en route to Yellowstone National Park, the Black Hills of Wyoming hold the impressive, towering sight of America’s first National Monument and a land full of wildlife, hiking trails, scenic vistas and opportunities to explore.  

Known as “Devils Tower Country,” this self-described slice of heaven is home to Devils Tower National Monument, a laccolithic butte rising 1,267 feet above the nearby Belle Fourche River, and a bundle of nearby communities that are sure to speak to the inner explorer, historian and scenery seeker.  

The Wild West Town of Hulett

Three primary communities are situated around the National Monuments. Hulett, 11 miles to the northeast, provides the perfect opportunity to experience the flair of a true Western town. A Western art gallery, restaurants that specialize in home-style cooking and a museum known for its outstanding collection of historic photographs, all stand along the main street through town. 

Those with an appreciation for rolling scenery and dazzling wildlife enjoy the drive from Hulett to the historic town of Aladdin along highway 24. Along the way, you’re sure to see deer, pronghorn, the occasional turkey and (if you’re lucky) even elk. In the spring, the Burr Oak trees fill the hillsides with a stunning green and turn color in the fall to deliver a color show to rival the northwestern states. 

Where the Sundance Kid Got His Name 

After being jailed in the community for horse theft, the Sundance Kid (a member of Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch) took his name from the town of Sundance, Wyoming. The community is located along Interstate 90 and the 31-mile drive southeast from Devils Tower is beautifully lined with ranch landscapes, wildlife and scenic vistas.

The community offers cozy lodging, great dining, evening historic walks during the summer months and a museum that is the community’s pride and joy. In 2021, after major renovations, the town will open the doors to “Old Stoney,” a sandstone building that once served as the county’s high school in 1923. Much care and attention has gone into making the building home to not only the museum, but the perfect place to gather and admire the town’s rich past. 

A Stop Along the Texas Trail

Moorcroft, Wyoming, located along Interstate 90, is a 36-mile drive southwest of Devils Tower National Monument. During the days of western expansion, cowboys along the Texas Trail could be found traveling through the area with immense herds of Longhorns. With the arrival of the railroad, Moorcroft became one of the largest shipping points in the West. Venture into the West Texas Trail Museum to learn more about this colorful time in history. 

From our museums to our wide-open country-side, travelers who take the time to truly explore could stay busy for a week in Devils Tower Country. Bring your hiking shoes, rent a boat at Keyhole Marina, or bring your camera and capture images of wildlife. The area surrounding Devils Tower National Monument provides gentle terrain for hiking and mountain biking. Opportunities are only limited by your thirst for adventure. 

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