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Lace Up & Skate the Square

  • Lace Up & Skate the Square
    Lace Up & Skate the Square
  • Lace Up & Skate the Square
    Lace Up & Skate the Square
Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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As the year starts getting colder, like clockwork, I can always count on this question from my children: "Dad, when can we go ice skating?!"

Growing up in Southern California, I did not have the luxury of skating on a frozen pond or outdoor ice rink. But that didn't stop me from playing ice hockey at a competitive level. I'm privileged to have participated in everything from youth hockey in California to juniors in Alberta, as well as a more recent coaching endeavor with the Rushmore Thunder.

When Main Street Square first made plans to include an outdoor ice rink, my heart skipped a beat. The icing on the cake was that I could now share a childhood dream with my children.

While both of my kids learned to skate at a young age, it's my daughter that craves the ice and hockey. Many evenings she asks me to back the car out so she can shoot around in the garage. I easily obilge as I did the same exact thing growing up. I can foresee her playing in a more formal setting in the years to come. Until then, I will relish the moments we can spend creating fun moments together.

In late November, (weather permitting, of course) Main Street Square opens the season to skaters of all ages. What makes skating at the Square so unique is the ambiance brought about by the downtown's revitalization. While skating, your senses will be aroused: your eyes will fixate on the brightly lit Christmas tree, your ears will balance the competing sounds of Christmas music alongside the carving of each stride of your skate, the taste of a Christmas goodie will linger as your nose connects with the rich scent of a steamy cup of cocoa and you feel the crispness of the air. It's truly an invigorating experience!

My son has commented before that our ice skating adventures make it feel like Christmas to him. And I would concur, remembering Southern California as a pertetual summer, that this simple activity most certainly captures the essence of Christmas.

Even though this is being posted to the vast interwebs, please don't share with my daughter that I plan on taking her skating for her upcoming birthday. I am counting down the days to the surprise!


  • $6 Adult Day Pass (13 years of age and up)
  • $5 Youth Day Pass (12 years of age and younger)
  • $3 Ice Skate Rentals (skaters may bring their own skates)
  • $45 Family Bundle 10 Pack
    • $65 with skates
  • $2 Gloves
  • $2 Socks
  • $2 Hand & Toe Warmers
  • Free Helmet or Walkers Rental

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