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Make It a Presidential Fourth of July

  • Make It a Presidential Fourth of July
Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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From BBQs and fireworks displays, to running in 5Ks and listening to live music, there is plenty to see and do in the Black Hills during the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Not only does the Black Hills roll out the red carpet for their Fourth of July events, but there are numerous attractions throughout the area of presidential status to help you celebrate our Founding Fathers, and all of the presidents who have led this great nation. Check out just a few of the great presidential attractions throughout the Hills.

America’s Founding Fathers Exhibit

The 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence paved a new way of freedom for America. This eye-opening exhibit is dedicated to these men and the progress they made towards a new America. You can see a life-size statue of the famous “Declaration of Independence” painting by John Trumball, ring a full-size Liberty Bell, learn about each of the people who played a role in the monumental document, and even try your hand at shooting a flintlock, black powder Kentucky long rifle. The America’s Founding Fathers Exhibit brings the Declaration of Independence to life for people of all ages.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

What could be a more presidential way to celebrate Independence Day than to visit America’s Shrine of Democracy, Mt. Rushmore. Towering 5,725 feet above sea level, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Theodore Roosevelt stand as a memorial to 150 years of American history. If each president represented on the monument were to scale, they would each stand 465 feet tall. Talk about a monumental way to celebrate the holiday! Visit the Information Center and Museum on site, take a walk along the Presidential Trail, check out the Sculptor’s Studio, and even grab a bite to eat at Carver’s Café and Memorial Ice Cream Shop where you can taste Thomas Jefferson’s vanilla ice cream recipe.

City of Presidents Sculptures

Get in a little exercise and celebrate the leaders who have led our great nation by taking a stroll through the City of Presidents sculptures in downtown Rapid City. The City of Rapid City has been honored by being named the “Most Patriotic Best Small Town in the United States,” making it the perfect place to celebrate. Situated on busy downtown street corners are 43 U.S. Presidents, each with an accompanying plaque with information on their claim to fame. Guests are invited to pose and take pictures with the sculptures. Plan a trip back soon to see the new statue of Barack Obama once it is finished.

National Presidential Wax Museum

You’ve never seen our presidents like this before. Stop on out at the National Presidential Wax Museum and stare each of our nation’s presidents straight in the eye. Each wax figurine is life-like to the extreme and makes you feel like you are looking at a real person. The attention to detail on each figure makes you feel like you have stepped straight into history. Kids can enjoy a scavenger hunt while visiting to receive a free National Presidential Wax Museum button.

Rushmore Borglum Story

Turn back time and learn the history of the Shrine of Democracy, Mt. Rushmore, at the Rushmore Borglum Story. Go into the mind of 60-year-old Gutzon Borglum and see how he managed to build the monumental tribute to four of America’s leaders. Stand alongside the full-sized eye of Abraham Lincoln, an exact replica of the eye on the mountain. Take a trip up to Mount Rushmore after visiting the museum to marvel in the wonder of all that Borglum achieved.

South Dakota Air & Space Museum

The history of American military is rich in American patriotism. Celebrate the holiday signifying America’s independence by checking out the South Dakota Air & Space Museum, which features historic bombers, fighters, utility aircraft, missiles, and many other indoor exhibits of aviation memorabilia. Situated at the entrance to the Ellsworth Air Force Base, the SD Air & Space Museum is about as American as it can get.

There are endless activities and festivals taking place during the Fourth of July weekend. Take a look at our events calendar, which includes a list of fireworks displays. You can also print a copy off of our website for your convenience.

If you plan on celebrating Independence Day with fireworks, please be mindful of the city laws where you will be celebrating, and be aware of fire conditions. Just one sparkler can quickly spark a wildfire.


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