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Set in the Black Hills: “American Chopper” features the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®

  • Set in the Black Hills: “American Chopper” features the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®
    Set in the Black Hills: “American Chopper” features the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®
Updated: Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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The Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally is an event 78 years in the making, steeped in history and tradition. The draw for thousands to come out to the Black Hills for the rally each year lies in the culture and riding experience throughout the Black Hills. That is what bike builder Paul Teutel Jr. wanted to portray in the custom motorcycle that he built as part of the latest season of “American Chopper,” in partnership with the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®.

The idea for the project was revealed in the first episode, “Welcome Back,” which aired in March. Teutul Jr. is worked alongside his father, Paul Teutel Sr., to design a motorcycle that is truly South Dakota. The custom motorcycle features a split tank, copper accents, and a beautiful airbrush paint job. The paint job showcases iconic images from the Black Hills, such as Mount Rushmore and buffalo roaming in the Badlands.

“The Buffalo Chip is all about music and motorcycles,” Paul Teutel Jr. says in the first episode of the show. “The real inspiration for the Buffalo Chip bike is South Dakota, the Old West, Deadwood, and the Black Hills, that whole entire area, and I thought it would be cool to roll in some earthy elements, like nickel and copper.”

More information on the bike and its design is available here. The old school style of the bike is one that any motorcycle enthusiast would dream of putting on display in their home.

The impressive styling isn’t the only thing that sets this bike apart. Teutel Jr. customized the bike specifically to be auctioned off during the Buffalo Chip’s annual Legends Ride event in August. Money raised at the event and as a result of the bike auction will be donated to the South Dakota Special Olympics Rapid City Red Flame and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

The fun doesn’t stop there for this iconic partnership. A lucky 41 people will have the chance to dine with Teutel Jr. during the Legends Lunch prior to the start of the auction. This gives fans of the popular “American Chopper” show a chance of a lifetime. Teutel Jr. will then lead the Legends Ride back to the Buffalo Chip as the honorary ride captain.

Fans had the opportunity to be part of a live unveil of the custom motorcycle in Deadwood while watching the latest episode of “American Chopper” live on May 28.

This latest partnership with “American Chopper” and the Sturgis Buffalo Chip® shows that the Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally is more than riding - it’s tradition, it’s charity, and it’s family.

Stay tuned for more “Set in the Black Hills” articles, showcasing popular movies, TV shows, and other media that take place in western South Dakota.

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