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The Search for Poet's Table

  • The Search for Poet's Table
Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Keenan Angel

The best time for adventure was yesterday. The next best is now. Gas up the car, load up the kids, slip on the hiking boots, and set sail for the timeless Black Hills. When planning vacations, the Black Hills always torch their way into a top ten list. They give off as much mystery as they do beauty. People are often overcome with a sense of euphoria when making their way through the countless miles of rolling hills. Hidden gems are scattered over every inch of the Black Hills.

One spot in particular stands above the rest. The exact location will not, and should not, be revealed. The secretness, even with vast the interweb and all of its glory, is remarkable. Poet's Table is nestled in the heart of Custer State Park, and the journey starts at Sylvan Lake—arguably the most mesmerizing lake our great state has to offer. Surrounded by larger-than-life rock formations and towering pine trees, Sylvan Lake is a must-see all on its own.

Briton Jordan

The trailhead to Poet's Table begins at Little Devils Tower. That is the one and only clue that will be provided. Make sure you don't blink or you'll miss the path. If you become one of the lucky few to find this spot, you'll understand the desire for it remain hidden. Walking up the trail, you can't help but feel enthralled in all of its beauty. You may find yourself wondering, "How many gifted writers, poets, and adventurers have walked this path before me?" Countless people have paved the way, and sacred ground is where we've landed. A small green cabinet, chairs, and table are set snug into the hillside. When looking around, it feels like this magical place was formed with the mountain. Settle in, take your time, and enjoy the nature.

Header Image: John Mitchell of Sodak Moments
Black & White Image: Briton Jordan

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