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Deadwood Revitalization

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The Deadwood Revitalization Committee invites you to take a minute to fill out this survey to help in the brand planning for Deadwood.  This is all part of the Roger Brooks’ Deadwood development program.  The more people we get to complete the survey, the more accurate the perception of Deadwood will be.

Thanks for taking the time to impact Historic Deadwood’s future.

About the Author

Mike, by accident he ended up in sales and marketing; Mike's education and background is in journalism, with an emphasis in photojournalism.

Having spent most of his life in various South Dakota towns on the east-side of the Missouri River – like Huron, Vermillion, Brookings and Pierre – Mike followed a girl west to Spearfish.  He has thoroughly enjoyed the past thirteen years there.

What Mike loves most is time spent around the Hills with his family, whether it's in Spearfish Canyon, at a Black Hills attraction or at Spearfish City Park and the DC Booth National Historic Fish Hatchery. He also loves dusting off his camera every now and then for a shoot, making a good meal and washing it down with a great beer.

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