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Winter Wonderland: Family Fun...on Ice

  • Winter Wonderland: Family Fun...on Ice
  • Winter Wonderland: Family Fun...on Ice
Thursday, January 16, 2020
By : 
Shawna V

If you in search of a memorable holiday experience, look no further. Rapid City has what you are looking for at Main Street Square. Whether you are out with the family, friends, or on a romantic date, the setting is pure perfection. Main Street Square opened on October 7, 2011. It is located at the northeast corner of Sixth and Main streets in Downtown Rapid City. It was designed to be an iconic landmark for downtown and a gathering area for our local community and its visitors. They have truly succeeded. Main Street Square is transformed every winter, starting in November, to a winter wonderland. Red and green lights are strung around the numerous small trees and one large evergreen. Buildings around the square have decorative lights as well. The pillars in the square have lighted wreaths and are illuminated at the top, constantly changing colors. To top it all off they transform the beautiful fountain area into an amazing ice skating rink. My family and I recently set out to experience the outdoor skating. We decided to go in the early evening. You could not ask for a more perfect night. The glowing lights and the softly playing holiday music really brought home that warm and fuzzy holiday feeling. We watched the people dressed in jackets, hats and scarves glide across the ice before purchasing our admission and strapping on our skates. The rink is a good size and easily accommodated all of the people there without any feeling of being crowded. I was a bit concerned about our 4 year old being able to skate and enjoy herself, but we grabbed her an ice walker, (plenty were available), and we whisked her off for her first experience on the ice. My husband, and son have skated at the indoor locations in town, but the setting makes a huge difference in the experience. Both of the kids were excited as can be to skate in the outdoor rink, and honestly, I was too. Shortly after our arrival we had to leave the rink for a few moments while they ran the Zamboni and cleaned up the ice. After a few moments we returned and I must say, the ice was great. If you have ever skated on ill-maintained ice, you know what a miserable and difficult experience it can be. Gliding along the ice with the beautiful lights twinkling in the background, watching everyone having such a good time was truly heartwarming. It brought to me the feeling of an old fashioned Christmas; the kind from all of the movies. I skated along with my daughter safely holding on to the walker. My son skated with and without the walker, and spent a lot of time on his rear end! He seemed unfazed. I do have to note that we met the nicest boy there who really added to our experience when he spent much of his time trying to help my son get his ice legs. When the kids got a bit cold we left the ice and went to the nearby fire pit. We warmed our fingers and watched the other skaters. The coffee shop right next to the rink would be ideal to pick up something warm to drink and eat, however, we were there right after they closed, so it was lucky we brought along our own snacks and drinks. After a snack and warming up a bit, we were back on the ice. My husband and I even got to take a couple of laps together, imagining, for a moment we were on a date. My husband, a far better skater than me, zipped around the rink effortlessly and took the kids around at high speeds while they laughed and squealed with pleasure. This adventure was unlike anything any of us had ever experienced. We spent around 3.5 hours at the rink before the kids were tired and a bit cold. We all had an absolute blast and I highly recommend doing this at least once this season. We will be doing this again, as frequently as we can. Purchase of admission to the rink, $5 for adults and $4 for kids 12 and younger, allows you to skate all day and to come and go. Skate rentals are available for only $3. Punch cards can be purchased as well for frequent skaters. Helmets and Ice Walkers are available first-come, first-serve and free of charge. Santa even has a house there where he will be making appearances from 10am to 2pm on December 7th and 14th. The rink will be open through Saturday, Feb. 23, 2014. For additional information on operating hours and other events you can visit their website.