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Up to the Top at Dinosaur Park

  • Up to the Top at Dinosaur Park
Tuesday, August 21, 2018
By : 
Shawna V

My children and I set out to meet some friends in the early afternoon on Thursday at one of their favorite spots, Dinosaur Park.  It first opened in 1936 and was one of the area's first attractions.  Clearly it has become both a local and a tourist favorite destination. We arrived and found the silhouette of the “longneck” pressed against a crisp blue sky laced with puffy white clouds.  There was a perfect cool breeze that was refreshing, calming and almost playful.

On to the stone steps... the kids a bit ahead of the adults, running to get to the first dino on the path, the Stegosaurus.  They climbed on it and squealed with pleasure as they rode on his back, slid down him and poked around his tail.   This one alone kept them entertained for nearly 15 minutes! We moved up the trail to the biggest of the dinosaurs at the park, the life size longneck.  The sheer size of this sculpture lets the imagination run wild and delivers a sense of scale that we do not often get a chance to experience.  This is also a great time to talk to the kids about the fantastic, nearly magical, dinosaurs.  You really stand in awe that such massive creatures roamed the earth so long ago. The view from the top of the hill is worth every step.  An overlook of the entire West side of Rapid City awaits you as you gaze over the edge.  It feels as though you can see forever.  It is an escape from the city itself within a few minutes of driving!  This is a great place to come and reset after a long day.

The kids played tirelessly up, down and all around the remaining dinosaurs.  We decided to try our hand at geocaching, as there is a hidden location near Dinosaur Park.  We traversed the path leading away from the top of the hill and had a nice little walk, but the kids were a bit too young to venture far enough down the path to actually find the hidden treasure! We finished the day heading down the hill and into the parking lot near the park store.  There are two smaller dinos there that the kids had to see before the trip was complete.  The store offers some snacks and a variety of fun things for the kids to beg you to bring home!  It also offers a great view of the other side of town from the patio off of the backside of the store. Overall, it was a perfect day to visit the park.  A great experience and a fun time was had by all!  If you have not gotten up there recently, I recommend you take the kids and get out of the house and go play with the dinosaurs!  The world awaits!

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