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Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park has it all!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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I need to confess something… Despite a few workouts here and there, I’ve been a bit lazy this summer! Lately, whenever I plan to get outside for a workout, it’s either hailing and down-pouring, or something else that sounds more enjoyable seems to pop up…

To quickly steer this away from spiraling into a pity party for myself, I want to share what has been motivating me to get back into my groove. Ready for the big secret?? ............It’s M-Hill!  Properly, it’s Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park, and it’s home to over 20 miles of trails - all open to the public!

In the last couple weeks, I’ve been rediscovering how lucky we are to have this gem in the heart of Rapid City. I love that all I need to do is lace up my shoes and instantly I can escape to into another world.

Whether I’m looking for sun or shade, there are endless trail options for hiking or running, and it’s so conveniently located near downtown. The trails are well maintained and I can make it as challenging as I"d like. During a recent jog, I explored the new wider trail that’s been developed on the inner side of Rapid Creek, beside the hill. Depending on where you are starting, this creates another option for connecting to the city bike path, while being serenaded by the babbling creek.

If you’re new to bouldering and want to see what it’s about, Vegan is a perfect place to get started. If you want to try it out, Edge Sports in downtown Rapid City rents out climbing shoes for a daily rate. Or if you already know that you’re serious about getting into the sport and want to invest in your own gear, we have a few local outdoor stores that specialize in climbing gear and can assist you with purchasing everything you need.

No matter which activity you decide to do, if you make it to the top of the hill you are sure to see the reward in your efforts. The views from the top of Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park are incredible – you can spot Harney Peak, Mt. Rushmore, The Badlands and Bear Butte, in addition to the breathtaking views of Rapid City. If you make it to the big white “M” you can also spot the names of the graduating classes from South Dakota School of Mines. I’m a proud big sister and always have to search out my brother’s name under the electrical engineers of 2010!

With the completion of the Founder’s Park improvements, there is easy access to the trails and climbing right off West Omaha. For year-round outdoor options, Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park offers so much, and the convenience is unbeatable! No more excuses for this girl – I’ll see you on the trails!



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