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Rushmore adorns postage stamp -- again

Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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For the fourth time in its history, the image of Mount Rushmore National Memorial has been appeared on a U.S. Postal Service postage stamp. The new Priority Mail stamp ($4.80) was issued on Thursday.

To commemorate the release of the stamp, officials from the U.S. Postal Service and the National Park Service held a first-day cancellation ceremony on Mount Rushmore’s Grand View Terrace.

f you’ve never been to a first-day cancellation ceremony, it’s an interesting event. I went to one in Wall, S.D., years ago for the release of a Badlands stamp.

For one thing, stamp collectors from all over the country show up for one of these events. And postal officials don’t simply hand out stamps like it’s the local post office five days before Christmas. Each stamp is very, very carefully and ceremoniously hand-canceled by postal workers. They take great care to put the rubber stamp in precisely the right place. (Not on the stamp itself.)

Apparently that kind of cancellation, with the local post office name on it, makes the stamps more valuable to collectors.

The new Rushmore stamp is gorgeous, in my opinion. It’s based on a painting by Dan Cosgrove of Chicago. Cosgrove also did a painting for the Hoover Dam Express Mail stamp, issued on the same day as the Rushmore stamp.

When were the other three Rushmore stamps issued?

In 1952, a 3-cent stamp, showed a boy and his mother peering up at Mount Rushmore. Rapid City businessman Don Frankenfeld says he is the boy in the picture. It was based on a photo taken by his father, Robert Frankenfeld, when Don was 3 years old. That makes him one of the only living people to ever be on a U.S. postage stamp.

The other two were in issued in 1974, a 26-cent stamp, and 1991, a 29-cent stamp.

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