Summer Sizzle — Summer Marketing in Full Swing | Black Hills & Badlands - South Dakota

Summer Sizzle — Summer Marketing in Full Swing

  • Summer Sizzle — Summer Marketing in Full Swing

As summer heats up in the Black Hills & Badlands region, we are anticipating an influx of families, RVs, trailers, off-road vehicles and the excitement of the Rally. Our aim is to support your efforts and drive visitors to you through our five-phased marketing strategies that attract potential visitors and retain them throughout their journey. In addition to running campaigns across multiple marketing channels in our drive markets, we have also shifted our focus on in-region marketing to help visitors have an enjoyable experience while they are here.

Our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram are active with regularly alternating content about upcoming attractions, events, and special deals, along with sharing user-generated content to inspire and engage potential visitors. This year, our email subscriber list grew to over 123K qualified recipients. BH&B sends regular, retargeted, and member-direct newsletters to subscribers, highlighting things to do, attractions, and promotions, and shares relevant blogs and other content related to the region. To further boost traffic to the BH&B website, where visitors can find your business plus resources to plan their trip to the Black Hills and Badlands region, we have also shifted our marketing focus to target digital messaging to visitors while in-region to augment the visitor experience.

Social Highlights

Here are some social highlights driving engagement and things you will find while in-region. 

Digital Display

Our digital display ads (Oct 2022-May 2023) engage visitors in all phases of marketing from pre-planning to while you are here.

  • Total Impressions: 2,034,961
  • Total Clicks: 8,153
  • Total Video/Audio 90% Completions: 161,902

Travel Content

BH&B has produced a wide range of content spanning all 52 weeks of the year, highlighting every community and member-based business type from lodging & attractions, to car rental & tour operators. We want to showcase the experiences that make our region unique. Here are some hightlights. Take a read:


Thus far through our fiscal year (Oct 2022-May 2023), BH&B exclusive (non-Coop related) digital marketing impact has produced the following esitmated results. An average ADR of $110 and an average spend per visitor $130 was used for the following estimations:

  • Total Trips / Visits to the Black Hills & Badlands region - 287K
    • Est. Impact - $37.3M
  • Hotel Total Trips / Visits - 1.8K
    • Est. Impact - $705.1K
  • Attraction Total Trips / Visits - 683
    • Est. Impact - $88.7K

Current Top Markets (Oct 2022-May 2023)

  1. Minot-Bismarck-Dickenson-Wiliston
  2. Minneapolis-St. Paul
  3. Denver
  4. Lincoln & Hastings
  5. Omaha

Thank for your continued efforts and support which allows us to offer our guests everything they need to know and how to find you. For any questions, additional information or promotional opportunities, please contact Greg Valladolid, VP of Marketing.

* Travel statistics provided by Datafy