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Results of the 2021 Peak Season Co-Op Campaign

  • Results of the 2021 Peak Season Co-Op Campaign
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Recently we wrapped up our 2021 Peak Season Co-op Campaign in partnership with the South Dakota Department of Tourism (SDT). The co-op, combined with our internal marketing and communications strategies, supported our mission to increase visitor numbers, trip duration, and visitor sales in our region during the peak season.

By participating in co-ops and investing our marketing dollars in efforts like this, the association amplifies its reach, puts its member businesses in front of larger audiences and increases brand awareness, all while inspiring travel to the Black Hills and Badlands region.

Campaign Information

BH&B contributed $135,000 to the campaign with SDT contributing $135,000 for a total investment of $270,000. Lawrence & Schiller, a marketing and advertising agency, developed a plan that was implemented.

The campaign combined a mix of paid search, social media, digital marketing, print, audio and TV/Connected TV advertising; showcasing beautiful spring and summer imagery that inspired potential visitors to learn more about local activities and visit the Black Hills and Badlands area during our peak season. The campaign began in March and ran through the end of August.

The COVID-19 pandemic heavily impacted the travel industry in 2020. Nationally, travel intent was low and continued to trend low through the beginning of 2021. This caused the co-op program to shift the Peak targeting approach to narrow in on people with high travel intent, while excluding people who were more hesitant to travel and/or sheltering in place.


Most of our efforts focused on regional states including Minnesota, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois and Dallas, with some focus on other regional states including North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. To leverage the national presence South Dakota Tourism had in 2020, retargeting efforts were expanded to a national level to capture anyone with interest or prior knowledge of South Dakota.

The goals of the campaign included increasing awareness of the Black Hills & Badlands, influencing consideration for lodging, attractions and events, and driving action to our website, The campaign was supported by awe-inspiring creative that engaged targeted audiences with strong calls to action to drove visitors to our website.


Direct Mail

Instant Experience

Connected TV

Midwest Living


2021 Peak marketing co-op amassed over 43 million impressions, an engagement rate of 16.53% and a conversion .54%. Within the program received 67K new users and 189K pageviews. Other key performance indicators (KPI) include lodging intent, visit intent, guide downloads and contact area businesses.


Over the years, the value of the SDT Co-op Marketing Program has proven to be a cornerstone to our regional marketing efforts. More importantly, the value of the program increases expotentially with each successful year.

We credit vital programs like this co-op with the continued success of the region, even through uncertainty. It allows us to stretch our dollars, while meeting the largest audience possible and strengthening our partnerships throughout the region.

BH&B and SDT are currently into our 2022 Shoulder co-op campaign which runs from September 2021 through February 2022. For more information on our marketing efforts, please contact Greg Valladolid, VP of Marketing, at 605-355-3600.

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