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Are you mobile-friendly?

  • Are you mobile-friendly?

In the ever changing world of the web, having a website just isn't enough anymore. In the past it was possible to function with a simple website - load it up with keywords and you were good to go. Things are not so simple anymore. Now-a-days you need a SEO strategy and you may have already implemented it, but have you considered how your site is built?

The next step in the evolution...a mobile-friendly site.

Google now takes into account the experience you are providing your customers. How are your customers viewing your website? Where are they viewing it from?

In November 2014, mobile traffic overtook traditional desktop viewing of websites. Google recognizes this and has made changes to its search algorithm to reward those who are mobile-friendly and ready to give their visitors a mobile experience.

As of April 2015, search results on Google from a mobile device will only return mobile-friendly websites. Sites that are not mobile-friendly will not be prioritized. The reality of this change means that with the summer season rolling in, you may be missing out on thousands of visitors who will be in the area on mobile devices.

Conveniently, Google has a tool, "The Mobile-Friendly Test," to ensure you are on the right track:

What does your mobile traffic currently look like? If you have access to your site analytics, take the time to look how your mobile traffic has grown over time. Google Analytics is a free tool that every website should have installed. You cannot put a price on the value of the insights you will receive from using this tool.

Take the time check it out, make a plan and if this is still all too much...get in touch with us. We are here to help! Reaching out is as simple as emailing Greg ( or Mike (