Are you in the #Know? | Digi#Know Social & Seminar | Black Hills & Badlands - South Dakota

Are you in the #Know? | Digi#Know Social & Seminar

  • Are you in the #Know? | Digi#Know Social & Seminar

On April 21, Google is set to release an update to their system that will use the mobile-friendliness of a website in their rankings of which sites are served up on searches done from a mobile device. Word is that sites that aren’t mobile-friendly will be punished severely and non-mobile websites will be left in the dankest, darkest regions of the web…almost like they never existed.

As of late last year, the number of searches done on mobile devices surpassed that of traditional desktop searches, so this punishment will involve a majority of web traffic. In addition, studies show that if people are searching for sites like yours on their mobile device, they are looking to buy or book immediately. Basically, they are the sort of people you spend good money trying to reach.

So are the pages on your website mobile-friendly (friendliness is determined page-by-page)? You can use this tool from Google ( to find out, and if you want to learn more about things like this, you should check out our "Digi#Know Social & Seminar" in Custer on April 23. We’ll buy you a beer at Pizza Works and hopefully provide some valuable info that will put you…in the #Know.

Our amazing creative team, including our VP of Marketing Mike Gussiaas, Digital Media Director Greg Valladolid and Communications Director Alicia Boe, will be sharing insight into what sort of things are out there in the digital and social worlds that your business should be aware of. Outside of some potentially negative things, there are all sorts of positive, free things you can be doing to get more people knowing who you are and picking up what you’re putting down.