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4th of July Events & Calendars

  • 4th of July Events & Calendars

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With Sunday marking Father's Day and the official start date of summer, the high traffic season is starting to take hold. In conversation with several members, the consensus is as expected - it's getting busy around here! With so many upcoming events, we've put together our annual 4th of July printed calendar, spanning the days before and after the big holiday weekend. Early this week the calendars arrived in our warehouse and the distribution process has just begun. An electronic version of the calendar is also available on our website, available here.

If you're still finalizing details for your holiday events, it's not too late to include them on our online calendar. Simply send your event information to Katrina, katrina@blackhillsbadlands.com. Our new calendar display also permits an optional photo with each event listing, so if you have an image that you'd like to accompany your event details, send that as well.

If you need additional calendars in the coming weeks, please feel free to give us a call at 355-3600 and we'll be sure to include you on our distribution route.

Happy (early) 4th of July everyone!