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Summer Marketing Highlights

  • Summer Marketing Highlights
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As the story goes, it has been a turbulent year. Full of ups and downs, concerns, questions and uncertainty. As we have navigated these waters we are certain about one thing: we are open.

Even with all the uncertainty of prior months, this didn't stop our marketing efforts. We have been more than pleased with what has been produced.


Fourth of July Promotion + Live Broadcast

This year, we saw record numbers in web traffic to, exceeding a previous high by 37%. As you can imagine, this traffic was also reflected in our social media engagement. Through our collaboration with NewsCenter1, we were able to offer our audience at-large, the LIVE broadcast on our website. By having the broadcast embedded into our site, we were able to further boost our numbers, resulting in a record high of concurrent visitors to the site. At this time, it is still viewable at through NewsCenter1's view-on-demand.

Direct Mail

We have recently developed two in-house direct mail pieces to inspire both visitors and locals alike to EAT. PLAY. and STAY. in the Black Hills and Badlands. We are pleased to say that the local mailer is currently hitting mailboxes across the Black Hills region. Meanwhile, the out of region direct mailer is set to launch soon. If you are interested in being featured on this printed piece, there are a few display positions available at the time of this article.

SDT Coop — Full Activation

As previously mentioned at Marketing, Board and general discussions, our SDT Community Co-op campaign took a brief pause at the height of early COVID concerns. As it stands now, we are currently in a stage of full activation of tactics across all channels.

AIA South Dakota Collaboration

In an effort to spark enthusiasm for the Black Hills and all of the constructed wonders it holds, BH&B recently partnered together with American Institute of Architects South Dakota (AIA SD). This collaboration aims to take their annual event, Design in the Hills, to a virtual scene and encourage both locals and visitors to explore the region. This past week, two blogs have been published in the spirit of Design in the Hills, creating a great amount of web traffic and interest in the unique perspective the Black Hills has in regards to Architecture, art and design. 

605 Magazine

Additionally, a unique opportunity arose for us to extend our local marketing with 605 Magazine’s publication and online resources. Our current media lineup is three full page ads running through August, original online content to live at and a podcast element.


As the new summer season began, everyone in the BH&B office took responsibility to assist in promoting and distributing our publication throughout the region to visitors. We are pleased to share that we have distributed thousands of pounds of materials and traveled several hundred miles. While this leaves our warehouse feeling a little empty, there’s no doubt we’re quite proud of our efforts.


All of the above said, we have seen favorable spikes in our web & social platforms. We originally saw days as low as 70% down YOY, but this has now turned the other way. Since October 1, 2019, we have regained traffic since the down days of the spring. At the time of this article, we are sitting up 10% in Sessions and down -1.2% in Pageviews.

Social engagement has also seen massive spikes pre- / post- Fourth of July and we are now seeing increased engagement with our normal social programming.


Be on the look-out for our special Road to Recovery Marketing Package options which incorporate a number of marketing opportunities across channels.

Up next we will be looking to future events, including the Sturgis Rally, the Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup and our fall/winter marketing strategies. 

We are both excited and pleased with what we have been able to accomplish as an organization, with our partners and through our exploration of new opportunities.