That's a Wrap: 2019 Literature Distribution Week | Black Hills & Badlands - South Dakota

That's a Wrap: 2019 Literature Distribution Week

  • That's a Wrap: 2019 Literature Distribution Week

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Last week we wrapped up our 2019 Literature Distribution. This year we had a first–snow! The cold and wet weather didn’t keep us from delivering the 2019 Black Hills and Badlands Vacation Guide. For seven days, 11 BH&B staff members delivered over 47,000 guides to 304 businesses in 19 communities across the region. Our deliveries also included the South Dakota Vacation Guide and our tear-off maps, including the new Black Hills and Badlands Tasting Trail Map.

The Black Hills and Badlands Vacation Guide provides visitors with helpful information they can use during their Black Hills and Badlands vacation. The events calendar, regional maps, tasting trail map and restaurant guide help visitors maximize their time here. The expanded winter section includes detailed coverage on the many winter activities available to travelers and serves as our winter fulfillment piece.

As the official guide to the Black Hills and Badlands region, it’s essential that it get into the hands of our visitors. It is strategically designed to extend the visitor’s stay once they are here and helps drive more customers to your business. When you share this valuable publication with your guests, it not only benefits your business but our regional membership as a whole. Keep your inventory stocked and easily accessible. It’s free and acts as an excellent visitor service for your guests.

If you’re running low on any of our print materials between our prescheduled visits and need to us to restock your supply, please call our office at 605-355-3600. We will happily make special arrangements to deliver you more.

To view a digital version or download the 2019 Black Hills & Badlands Vacation Guide, visit