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Travel Matters in the Black Hills and Badlands

  • Travel Matters in the Black Hills and Badlands

This week is National Travel and Tourism Week, and we’re celebrating the many reasons travel matters to the Black Hills and Badlands.

Travel has a positive impact on so many aspects of our lives–from the memories it helps us create with family and friends, to the $119 million in economic output it delivers from our region and the 18,600 Black Hills and Badlands jobs it supports.

It’s because of all the hard work each of you and your teams does that we have such a dynamic industry and that travel and tourism matter in our state. Thank you.

Keep reading for different examples of why travel matters to the Black Hills and Badlands.

Travel fuels our economy — statewide and in towns across our region. In South Dakota, travel and tourism generate $298 million in state and local taxes. The Black Hills and Badlands region contributes $119 million to that figure.

New Experiences
Our industry makes a difference. The travel and tourism industry encourages exploration by creating and promoting places people want to explore. Our creative marketing campaigns inspire travelers of all types to experience the Black Hills and Badlands region, creating lifelong enthusiasts.

Travel is critical for creating jobs in South Dakota, nearly 55,000 jobs in fact. Visitor spending in the Black Hills and Badlands region supports over 18,600 jobs—almost three times the population of the City of Sturgis.

Keeping America Connected
Transportation infrastructure is the pillar that keeps the Black Hills and Badlands connected and links us to the rest of the world. We must prioritize infrastructure investment to ensure that all of our transportation systems are modern, safe and efficient and can continue to connect our country and welcome visitors.

Travel is good for you! Vacation can reduce stress, improve heart health and create a stronger connection with loved ones—improving your overall well-being. In fact, taking a vacation is one of the best ways to improve workplace culture and performance. Studies show workers who use their time off to travel see a 22% jump in happiness with their health compared to those who use their days off at home.

Hometown Pride
When we take pride in where we live, we become ambassadors by promoting the Black Hills and Badlands to our loved ones. A glowing endorsement of our region can be the deciding factor for a visitor planning their next trip. After all, more than half (54%) of leisure travel is to visit friends and family.

Vacations are integral to strengthening families, offering quality time together away from the stress of our busy lives. Whether it’s a trip is out of state or at one of the many family-friendly attractions in the Black Hills and Badlands, for many families, it doesn’t matter where they travel as long as they are together.