2017 Events & Calendars | Black Hills & Badlands - South Dakota

2017 Events & Calendars

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With Memorial Day ahead of us and the official start date of summer on the horizon, our high traffic season is starting to take hold. In conversation with several members, the consensus is as expected—it's already starting to get busy around here! Once again, we will be printing and distributing copies of our annual 4th of July calendar, spanning the days before and after Independence Day. In order to create the most comprehensive list of events, we need your help! If you haven't already, please email your event information to Nik Aberle at nik@blackhillsbadlands.com. Our website allows events to be displayed with an optional photo, so if you have an image that you'd like to accompany your event details, send that as well.

If you have several events that are being added throughout the year, consider allowing us to set up your very own username and login information for our calendar so you can submit your events throughout the year as the details become available. To do so, please contact our webmaster, Greg Valladolid, at greg@blackhillsbadlands.com.