2017 BHB Membership Update | Black Hills & Badlands - South Dakota

2017 BHB Membership Update

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Our 2017 membership drive is well underway! Our new method for renewing memberships and advertising campaigns online is off without a hitch! By now, you should have received an email from membership@blackhillsbadlands.com with your business information (the files are confidential) which gives you the ability to review last year's purchases, makes changes to your contact information, and order your 2017 advertising elements—all in one easy process!

To go along with the new online ordering process, we have some exciting news regarding updates to the 2017 South Dakota Vacation Guide. Utilizing the expertise of Miles Media—a recognized leader in travel marketing advertising—our Vacation Guide will now be reorganized with the Black Hills & Badlands section located near the front of the guide. Other changes include incorporating display ads throughout both the editorial and service directory sections of our region, and following a more consistent page layout format so that the guide seamlessly flows from one region to the next without looking choppy and stitched together. These are all small changes that will help give a big effect on the overall consistency and look of the guide.

One significant change though in working with Miles Media is that our final deadlines have to shift forward. This year, we will be uploading all of our final pages to the printers even before Thanksgiving! This new timeframe cuts nearly a month out of our production time, but we are confident that we can rise to the challenge. The biggest hurdle will be having all of our member materials in hand by October 14. This means updating your listing copy, sending any new pictures you would like to use, and submitting your display ad details so that we can hit our end goal in time!

Leira, Cindy & Hayli are anxious to hear from you once you've received your email invitation and appreciate any feedback regarding the new process. If you have any questions or would prefer to work with your sales director one-on-one, simply give us a call!

Once again, the deadline for getting into the 2017 South Dakota Vacation Guide—the official info request fulfillment piece for our state—is October 14.

To learn more about how valuable going into South Dakota’s official visitor guide could be for your business, make sure to contact our VP of Sales, Leira Janklow, by calling (605) 355-3600 or emailing leira@blackhillsbadlands.com.