2016 Winter Travel Shows—Recap | Black Hills & Badlands - South Dakota

2016 Winter Travel Shows—Recap

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Our Marketing Projects Specialist, Nik Aberle, returned to the office on Wednesday from Minneapolis, MN, marking the official end of the 2016 BH&B winter travel show season. This year's line-up included nine regional shows, spanning far and wide from Denver, CO to Duluth, MN, and Omaha, NE to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

At the end of the season, we gave out a total of 3,910 information bags filled with South Dakota and Black Hills vacation guides and partner brochures. We gathered 1,312 new leads from direct sign-ups for our national park passes giveaway.

Utilizing a new internal tracking method, we also tallied 1,038 conversations with folks who expressed definitive plans to visit the Black Hills in 2016. Applying the South Dakota Department of Tourism's research on average length of stay, travel party size, and daily spending habits to these conversations alone, we can calcuate a projection of 3,175 room nights and a total spend of $790,451! This equates to a return of $36.34 for every dollar spent.

It was most certainly a successful season on the road, and we'll be looking forward to monitoring the effects of our efforts in the coming months. We will also be diving into our summer Road Trip Road Show excursions to build upon the summer and fall tourist seasons.

If you have any questions regarding our winter or summer travel shows, please contact our Marketing Projects Specialist, Nik Aberle, at 355-3600 or nik@blackhillsbadlands.com.