Black Hills & Badlands Tourism Association

Our Mission Statement
Black Hills & Badlands Tourism Association is a private, nonprofit corporation dedicated to promoting the region as an all-season travel destination. It is a destination marketing organization (DMO), with a focus on programs that members can be both proud of and confident in.
For decades, BH&B has worked to increase visitor numbers, trip durations and sales through large, member-approved marketing and public relations campaigns. Our programs utilize methods that have proven effective, while staying ahead of current marketing trends like mobile, digital and social media.

In addition, BH&B’s products and events serve two functions: to provide utmost advertising value to members and to generate revenue that is then redistributed to increase business for the entire region.

Representing a diverse collection of member businesses, BH&B works hard to serve as a unifying force among area organizations and agencies in the pursuit of mutual goals for product development, travel marketing and enhancement of the visitor experience. We are tasked to protect and nurture the credibility of the tourism industry as an important regional economic force.
Locally and nationally, BH&B enjoys a good name and a good reputation. Plain and simple, we are the leader of tourism promotion in the Black Hills. 

Nearly 500 members invest almost $2 million with BHB&L which goes towards a board- approved program of work. At the end of the year, total expense equals the total revenue.

Board Representaion
A policy-making Board of Directors represents 20 communities, six trade associations, six members at-large and three attractions. The Board controls every aspect of the Association’s operations. Directors make the decisions affecting the Association’s publications, national advertising, public involvement, member services, finance and administration. Because it is a large board, committees delve into the details, numbers, options and ramifications of various topics. Essentially, they do the legwork necessary to bring thoroughly researched and well-reasoned recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Marketing Success Year After Year
Tourism promotion is Black Hills & Badlands Tourism Association’s single-minded vocation. Since the beginning, the organization has applied the marketing techniques of paid advertising, press publicity, quality publications, direct sales, online media and inventive public relations to convince people that this is a region they simply must see.

A Message from the President

  Black Hills & Badlands Tourism Association is the culmination of more than 70 years of integrity and experience in Black Hills tourism promotion. Established in 1939 by prominent pioneer businessmen, BH&B has met and overcome the challenges of every era while working to make the Black Hills & Badlands a first-class vacation destination for travelers from around the world.

We are proactive tourism advocates; locally, regionally and nationally. Every year, our experienced staff works together to create exceptional and effective messaging – and the Black Hills $636 million a year tourism industry is proof of our success.

In 2012, we have continued to increase our knowledge and production of advertising products, adding a mobile website and soon, an interactive guide for tablets to our 2011 launch of the Black Hills travel app. In 2012, our Road Trip Road Show grass-roots campaign reached out to more than 725,000 potential visitors by participating in nine family-oriented events throughout the region. We distributed thousands of Black Hills Road Trip Circulars –with information about every BH&B member – while making one-on-one contact with folks who are enthusiastic about visiting the Black Hills. Our monthly Calendar of Events is gaining popularity with every new edition, and our detailed knowledge about area activities is second to none. As we launch our 2013 tourism campaign, we’ll continue to explore the best avenues to deliver your message traditionally and through the latest innovative techniques.

BH&B combines frontline expertise, research and our deeply ingrained knowledge of the beautiful Black Hills & Badlands to make it all work for you. Please join us in telling our wonderful story so that thousands of eager vacationers head for the Black Hills & Badlands in 2013 and beyond!

Michelle Thomson
President / CEO

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